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Today, internet advertising is a separate world with its own rules, which tend to change often. It is not enough to be online, own a website and wait for customers. Digital marketing requires continuous testing, analysing and iterating so that you are always one step ahead of your competition. We at Inevio live and breathe online marketing, data and design. We will be glad to help you become successful in the online world.

How can we help?

Growth of your company value is our priority

We treat marketing in the context of your whole business

We base our suggestion on data

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You have goals, we can deliver the right mix of tools for their achievement

Search advertising

Search advertising enables customers to find your services and products wherever they need them. You won’t have to spend money for low-return advertising anymore. We will set up geographic and demographic targeting with keywords so that your advertisement is only displayed to those, who really need it.

Display and video advertising

In the area of online marketing, display advertising is a proven classic. It is effective, highly visible and targets a huge number of potential customers. The advantage of display advertising is its brand effect, which will help your brand settle itself in the customers’ minds. However, it must be set up correctly. And that’s what we do. We will create static and animated banners, overlapping layers or videos that attract attention.

Social media

Do you have a company Facebook page? Are you familiar with Instagram? Have you heard of LinkedIn? Great, but what next? Social media advertising is mainly about appropriate communication, elaborated statuses encouraging to act, long-term development of a positive relationship with a community, and not just about paid posts. If you are not sure what you want to achieve via social networks, we are here for you.

Shopping engines

Do you sell products via e-shop? You have probably heard of search engines such as Google Shopping. The key to success is to reach a relevant position in the search results and not to disappear among the large amount of similar items. And we can help you with that. We will optimise your XML feeds, support the credibility of your e-shop, and administer your products so that they are displayed only in relevant searches.

Email marketing

Just as nice e-mail can make us happy, a general advertising spam makes most of us highly annoyed. Move your contact with former, as well as existing customer to the “favourite” category and do not bore your contacts with content of no value. Instead, remind your customers to complete their shopping in an elegant way, or send them a discount voucher for products and services they have been thinking about for a long time. Whom, when and what to send? Leave that to us.

Web analytics

There are numbers hidden behind each website. They are not just ones and zeroes. How many people have visited your website? Where are they from? What are their needs and what is their value for your business? All of that can be revealed through a good analysis of your website. It will show you where customers spend most of their time, what information is missing, and which activities attract paying clients.


Search engine optimisation is a crucial activity in online marketing. Proper SEO will make you visible, increase your website traffic and redirect interested customers directly to you site. However, search engine algorithms are often modified and improved, which requires continuous work with an elaborated long-term SEO strategy. We will prepare it for you.


Whether your company is big or small, you can never avoid reporting. In the online environment, it is not only about reporting on costs but also about determining your returns of your online marketing activities. Get a detailed overview of how successful the latest PR article was or how many customers you gained through the recent search campaign. Forget about copying Excel tables – reporting with us is comprehensible and valuable.

Online campaign audit

Do you know how you spend your money invested to online marketing? What is your digital footprint and what is the current campaign targeting? If you hesitate with your answer, something has gone wrong. In order to successfully reach your goals through online marketing, you must know exactly what effect is produced by your campaign and how much it costs. As part of the audit, we will provide you with a list of measures for campaign improvement.

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