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How can we help?

We believe a good data analysis in the online environment is more than half the success. As online data are accurate and not deceptive, they enable to measure the return rate of each online activity in detail. However, it is crucial to collect, process and evaluate them properly – otherwise they won’t be much of a help. Analytics is our domain, and we will give your data context that you understand.

What can we help you with?

We will create the most optimal mix of tools to reach your goals

Web analysis and audit

Each website, application or other web solution is an excellent source of data and information: about your visitors, why they bought or didn’t buy your products and also about what you should change on your web in order to make it more efficient. Have your website analysed by a professional and see what is its value. We will provide you with a practical web analysis and explain it to you.

Keyword analysis

As indicated in the title, keyword analysis is essential in making your website visible and successful. “Please” and “Thank you” are not the magic words in this case; they are words typed into search engines by your customers. Thanks to our experience with keyword analysis, we will be able to help you identify the right keywords in your field.

Online marketing analysis

In digital marketing, there is no limit to creativity. But, are your activities across individual channels harmonised well and do they correspond to the needs of your target group? Do you know the difference between the return rate of your advertisements on Google and on Facebook? Are the current activities worth investing into? Let us answer these questions with our data tools and precise analysis.

Online campaign audit

Do you know how you spend your money invested to online marketing? What is your digital footprint and what is the current campaign targeting? If you hesitate with your answer, something has gone wrong. In order to successfully reach your goals through online marketing, you must know exactly what effect is produced by your campaign and how much it costs. As part of the audit, we will provide you with a list of measures for campaign improvement.

Campaign structure design

A successful campaign is supported by an elaborated strategy as well as its correct implementation in advertising systems, relevant search results, structure matching well-arranged reporting, and strategic budget. There are quite a lot of weak spots, where one can possibly fail. So don’t leave anything to chance and place the design of the structure of your online campaigns in our hands. During consultations, you will find out how to structure a successful campaign.

Web analytics design

Do you analyse your site by monitoring web traffic statistics? It is quite a good start, but it will not be sufficient to achieve your goals. The key to success is understanding the behaviour of customers visiting your site. Why didn’t they complete the purchase? What discouraged them from sending a contact form? Why didn’t they provide their e-mail address? All of this can be included in the web analytics we design and help to implement.

Reporting system design

Are you fed up with exporting tables to Excel from each advertising system? We are, and so to analyse results we use comprehensive and interactive dashboards, which provide you with an outline of digital marketing in one place. Forget about connecting tables manually, and make reporting fully automated.

Google Tag Manager set-up

Measuring the activities of site visitors is important, but it can slow your website down excessively. Thanks to Google Tag Manager (GTM), you can consolidate the codes, increase the loading time for your clients, and thus move web analytics to a new level. Thanks to our experience with setup and implementation, we will be able to help you too.

Product source optimisation (XML)

Can’t you see your e-shop advertised products in search engines such as Google Shopping? Then the product sources aren’t most likely set up properly. We will help you with the optimisation of XML feeds and make your products visible in search results again.